How to start Tesla with smartphone

Today we will tell you how to start Tesla with smartphone. You all know about Tesla company that Tesla is a very good company. With the increasing time, the Tesla company has made a lot of progress. Tesla company makes very good electric car. Tesla is a luxury company and Tesla company’s car is very famous all over the world.

Tesla company has made a lot of progress, it has made so much progress that now we can start Tesla car from our smartphone too.Tesla has created a mobile app, with the help of which the Tesla car can be controlled, with the help of this app, the Tesla car can also be started and locked and unlocked.Tesla company has done a wonderful job.

Tesla company is a very famous company and Tesla keeps on bringing such technology.

Feature of tesla

Although the Tesla car has many features, the Tesla car is very good, the more it is praised, the less it is, yet we tell you about the features of the Tesla car.Tesla is an electric car.Now let me tell you about the features of Tesla car.

Tesla car has a big screen in the middle.This screen has many advantages, in this screen you can listen to music, play radio and also play Google Map.

Another special feature of Tesla company is Auto Pilot.With the help of this feature, the car can run even without a pilot, this is a very good feature, this is a very good picture of the Tesla car.If the driver’s attention wanders here and there while driving then there is no problem in it this feature will handle the car in its own way and drive the car well.This auto pilot features drives the car automatically like a good driver.

Tesla car has another very cool feature, the name of this feature is Dog mode. These features are very good features for dogs. With the help of this feature, you can also keep dogs in the car.

When we park the car in the parking lot, the car becomes very hot, in which it becomes very difficult to sit inside the car, then it is very troublesome for the dogs, so this feature is very good in this car. This car will not heat up when parked in park.

Fast charging is another cool feature of this car.You know that Tesla’s electric car is.Electric car requires charging to run.The battery of this car gets charged very quickly and the mileage is also very good.Tesla chargers are very fast.One special thing about Tesla car is that it is an electric car, it does not require any petrol and diesel to run.

Another good feature of Tesla car is that it can also run Netflix and YouTube.If you want to watch a movie or series, then you can watch it in Tesla car, this feature is also given in it.Tesla car has a very comfortable sit , you will not get tired by sitting on these seats and you will drive the car comfortably.Tesla is a luxury car, the more it is praised, the less it is.

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