Get more views on youtube video in 2023

Are you getting less views on your YouTube channel too?. Have you also just created a new YouTube channel and are thinking of view it? So don’t worry, we will tell you how you can get views on your youtube channel in 2023.

We will tell you in full detail how you can bring views on your YouTube channel and earn money.It is very difficult for beginners to get views on YouTube channel but it is not so difficult to get use on YouTube.

Now I will tell you some tips by which you can views on your YouTube videos. If you have just created a new YouTube channel, then don’t worry, I will tell you how you can make videos and get views on it. you can Get more views on youtube video in 2023.

Some steps to bring views on YouTube

Now I tell you some steps by which you can get views on your YouTube video, you have to follow the steps mentioned by me, then you will definitely get YouTube views.

1. You must know about the thumbnail, first of all you have to make a good thumbnail. If you want to views your video, then it is very important for you to make a good thumb nail. let me tell you how to make a thumbnail.

There are many applications for making thumbnails and there is also software in which you can make thumbnails for free. The title of whatever you are making a video has to be kept in the thumbnail and a good photo is also to be placed in the thumbnail.

Thumbnail should be like this if anyone see your thumbnail then they must click on it.Thumbnails also have to be well designed.

2. The first thing I told you about the thumbnail, you have to make the thumbnail very good and its design should also be very good and the title should also be good on it.

You should make videos on that topic in which you have good knowledge. You have to explain well on whatever topic you are making a video. If you do not have knowledge of anything and you are making a video on it, then there is no use, then you should not make a video on it.

If you make a video with good knowledge, then whoever sees your video will like your video very much and then he will subscribe to your channel. In the video, you do not have to tell any lie, you have to tell all the things with good knowledge so that people can trust you.

If you are making a video on any technology related, then you have to make technology related videos in the future as well. When you make a video on any one category, it is very good because if anyone wants to see the video of that category, then he will definitely see your video.

3. You must have social media accounts like Facebook Instagram etc. Whatever category you make a video about, then you have to share the post of this category on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram and you must also put a link to your YouTube in that post.

You also have to increase your followers on social media account. You have to put the same post on the social media account about which you make videos on YouTube.

4. The last and best way is short video. You already know that now the option of making short videos has come in YouTube. You can also bring views to your channel by making short videos in YouTube. If you want to get views on your channel with short videos, then you have to make at least 7 to 8 videos a day. A good way to get short video views.

You have to continuously put short videos on your YouTube channel, you have to put at least 7 to 8 short videos in 1 day. Views will start coming on your youtube channel only after 2 to 3 days.

I have told you the way to views YouTube in 2023, if you have to follow this method, then views will definitely come on your channel.

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