Apple vs twitter five tweet show how twitter elon musk declared war with Apple.

Apple vs twitter five tweet show how twitter elon musk declared war with Apple.these are five most controversial tweets against apple by the billionaire.

Elon musk is currently at war with us based tech giant apple amid the twitter acquisition chaos. Musk has claimed that has stopped spending on twitter ads amd may soon boot twitter from the app store.

musk has previously claimed that twitter has seen a sharp decline in revenue, blaming activists for pressuring advertisers. The more recently the tesla and spacex founder targeted apple for excluding it from advertising on the plateform, posting a series of tweets regarding the same.

here are five of the most controversial tweets musk targeted at apple. Does apple hate free speech in america? Musk latest of several tweets against apple came in the form of the direct questions to apple about why the company hates free speech in america . Musk also tagged apple ceo tim cook in a later tweet in the thread.

Apple has also Threatened to withdraw twitter from its app store. Musk has also said in a separate tweet that apple has threatened to remove twitter from the app store, one of the largest market for free and premium apps. Musk says that apple has not clearly stated the reasons for the threat.

i’ll make an alternate phone , the billionaire has already ventured into rockets and electric cars. Now musk has said that if both play store and app store boot twitter from the plateform, he will not shy away from making his own smartphone to compete with apple and google.

apple imposes a 30% secret tax on everything, On yet another tweet, musk talk about the secret tax apple levies on developers who publish their apps on the app store. While the 30% cuts apple gets for sharing apps on the app store is not exactly a secret, many devlopers and apps have been vocal against the higher amount in the past, including epics games and spotify

Apple should publish all censorship actions, advertisement questioning apple actions towards censorship In another tweet. Musk ran a polls asking users when they thinks the tech giant should publish a list of all its actions that contribute the censorship on various plateforms.

Musk has also said separate tweet that if apple and google remove twitter from the app store and play store, he will create an alternative phone that compete with both apple ios and android.

since musk acquisition of the micro blogging plateform last months, two aspects have been major concern of both users and advertisers. The first of these is the new wave of the content moderation. Which allows all kinds of tweet related to racism anf other issues to go on the plateforms in the name of free speech.

the second is the plateform’s approch to verification, which has recently undergone a massive change. With the new 8$ Twitter blue program able to give everyone a blue tick verified badge. The risk of spreading misinformation Is even bigger.

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